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Mission Statement

My name is Jack Helms. I’m 23 years old, and here’s what you can expect from my site: Books Jack Reads.

I’ve enjoyed reading books for as long as I can remember, having taught myself to read from a very young age. However, I realised that a lot of other boys don’t have the same enthusiasm as I do about reading, which is why I created this site to meet this need.

My mission for this site (and before you ask, yes I do choose to accept it), is to encourage reluctant boys to get into reading by publishing reviews of books that parents or grandparents like YOU can read, and then afterwards think “Hey, that sounds like an awesome book/series! I think my son/grandson or I will really enjoy reading this!”

One thing that all of my reviews have in common however, is that they’re all books that I’ve read and enjoyed myself. To put it simply, if I’ve reviewed a book that I’ve enjoyed, then there’s a good chance that you’ll know a boy who’ll enjoy that book too.

My site will feature lots of different books for boys of all ages. However, what makes this site stand out from the crowd is that I will be reviewing books that boys will want to read, especially if they’re reluctant readers.

If your kids are under-5s and you’re looking for fun picture books to read with them, I’ve got lots of great titles to choose from, including the classic Little Yellow Digger stories, as well as international authors like David Walliams (who writes stories about animals for younger children as well as novels for older kids).

If your kids are pre-teens and just want to sit around playing computer games all day, I’ve got heaps of fun series that will get them away from the screen, including the Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths, the Dog Man series by Dav Pilkey, and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney.

Lastly, if you have teenagers at home who think that reading is ‘lame’ or ‘boring’, don’t worry, because I’ve thought of them as well, and can recommend some great titles and authors, including Robert Muchamore (who’s one of my favourites, and who writes the popular CHERUB and Robin Hood books), Suzanne Collins (author of the bestselling Hunger Games trilogy), and Andy McNab (who writes realistic war stories including The New Recruit).

Just a warning though, most of the books in this category contain, among other things, mature themes, violence and offensive language, so be sure to check out my age recommendations before you read these reviews.

So what I’m trying to say overall is this: if you’re looking for a site that can give honest, reliable reviews of books that you or your kids will actually want to read, then look no further than Books Jack Reads.
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