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Book 6


Sally Sutton


Review published

February 4, 2024

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It's crop-planting season, and this tractor is ready to work!

Over on a busy farm, a family is planting a big harvest of corn to be sent into the city! Everyone in the family is working hard to get the job done, but there's one hardworking member that the rest of the family rely on to help do the work. It's the farm tractor, and YOU can follow along as it helps out on the farm!

This tractor has a lot of big and noisy farming tools that kids will enjoy learning about, including the "cut, cut, cutting" noise of the plough breaking the ground, and the "Splish! Splash! Spray!" of the sprinkler watering the crops.

And as always, Brian Lovelock has included lots of variety in his illustrations, from big overhead shots of the tractor at work in the field, down to small details such as the controls on the sprinkler system.

There's also a handy picture guide at the end of the story, showing all the different parts of a tractor (wheels, engine, roll bar, etc), as well as a sentence or two about what each part does.

If your kids are at that age when they think that big farm machiery is the coolest thing ever, or if they've read all of Sally and Brian's other vehicle stories, they'll enjoy this one.

Overall, this is a fun and noisy look at what happens down on a farm, and a must for children (and grown-ups) obsessed with big machines.

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