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Online Safety Picture Books

Book 4

Old Macdonald had a Phone

Jeanne Willis


Review published

October 11, 2022

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October 2022

Old Macdonald's farm has gone digital, but is it all good news?

Old Macdonald is inundated with new cell phones when he accidentally over-orders, so the animals on his farm take the extras for themselves. However, the animals like their new phones so much that nothing gets done on the farm! Poor Old Macdonald is at his wit's end, but maybe his tech-savvy son can help?

Told entirely to the tune of the children's song Old Macdonald had a Farm, this story is a fun way of teaching good screen time habits to the youngest of users.

There's lots of fun to be had when the animals get addicted, from the rooster refusing to crow in the morning, to the cows messaging when they should be milking.

The talented Tony Ross has a lot of fun with the illustrations of Old Macdonald's farm, such as the horse using his phone while sitting on the toilet.

If your child is at the age when they like binge-watching TV shows or playing on your phone, then they'll enjoy this book. Jeanne has written four picture books about internet safety, and this is her latest.

Overall, this is a fun re-imagining of a classic nursery rhyme for the smartphone generation, and a great choice to read (and sing along with) together.

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