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Gangsta Granny

David Walliams


Review published

February 21, 2022

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February 2022

Ben's Granny may be old, but she's anything but boring...

Ben hates visiting his boring Granny when his parents go out every Friday night. Her TV doesn't work, she always makes Ben play Scrabble with her, and she serves Ben cabbage soup! But when Ben learns that Granny was once an international jewel thief known as the Black Cat, his Friday visits suddenly become a lot more interesting...

As well as Ben and Granny, there are lots of interesting characters you'll enjoy meeting, including a hearthrob Italian dancer named Flavio Flavioli (who Ben's parents idolise), and Granny's nosey neighbour, appropriately named Mr Parker.

There's also plenty of David's signature humour throughout the book as well, such as Granny's recipe for Chocolate Surprise (with the surprise being that it's actually 100% cabbage).

And of course, it wouldn't be a David Walliams novel without the fan-favourite shopkeeper Raj, whose store is just as cluttered and disorganised as ever.

If you've read any of David's other stories, you'll enjoy this one, and also the fourth novel that David wrote too.

Overall, this is an exciting but heartfelt adventure featuring a very special Granny, and perfect if you're a fan of David and Tony's stories.

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