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Freakout Island

Justin Christopher


Review published

May 4, 2020

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A fun story from a new name in children's writing.

When Leo Wriggly's parents win a free holiday for themselves, Leo is sent to a new holiday resort called Friendly Island along with four other children. But when strange things begin happening to the badly-behaved children, including Leo, they soon realises that this is no holiday, and that they all have to escape...

If you're into authors like David Walliams or Andy Griffiths, you'll enjoy this story. This is the first children's book by this author, but he plans to write more.

There are heaps of funny (and often embarrassing) moments during Leo's trip to Friendly Island, as he and the other children find themselves being mysteriously punished for their bad habits.

The punishments fit the crimes as well, such as a foul-mouthed boy being made to squawk like a parrot instead of speak, and a girl who steals from everyone ending up with sticky fingers...literally!

There's also a strong element of mystery in this story too, as everyone slowly realises that both Friendly Island and its two owners, Vayne and Vulga, are a lot more dangerous than they thought.

Overall, this is a fun cautionary tale with a lot of appeal for kids, and a great first effort by a talented young author.

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