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Cat Kid Comic Club

Book 2

Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives

Dav Pilkey


Review published

December 14, 2021

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December 2021

Comic Club is back in session! Or not...

In the second book in this Dog Man spinoff, Lil' Petey, Flippy and Molly are ready to get down to business for the second week of the Cat Kid Comic Club! But when Melvin and Naomi keep making their dad Flippy angry by disturbing the rest of the class, is everyone heading for the dreaded Time-Out Rock?

The baby frogs have been working hard on their comics since the first week, with adventures featuring returning characters such as Chubbs McSpiderbutt, and new creations such as The Under Werewolves.

Lil' Petey also has some fun new tips for readers who want to make their own comic books too, including a lesson on drawing objects in 3-D, and an example of a comic that ends in a cliffhanger.

And of course, this comic is full of Dav and Jose's fun illustrations, even including characters and objects made out of things such as cardboard, wires and construction bricks.

If you've already read Cat Kid Comic Club, or any of Lil' Petey's adventures with Dog Man, you'll enjoy this one, the second and latest in this spinoff series.

Overall this is a fun, educational, and surprisingly profound story, with a lot of creative illustrations and rude humour, and perfect if you fancy yourself as a comic creator too.

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