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Ali Cross

Book 1

Ali Cross

James Patterson


Review published

July 24, 2022

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July 2022

When his best friend goes missing, Ali Cross is on the case!

Note: This book is recommended for readers aged 13 and up.

Reasons: Violence and mature themes.

Ali Cross idolizes his father, the brilliant police detective Alex Cross. So when Ali's best friend Gabe goes missing and houses get robbed, Ali knows there's a link. But with the police unconcerned about a missing black kid, Ali realizes the only way to find Gabe is if he launches his own investigation...

Despite being a spin-off series based on James' adult series about Alex Cross, this first entry has just as much mystery and action as the original.

Ali does heaps of detective work during the case that you'll enjoy reading about, such as when he uses an online gaming session to try and find any clues about Gabe's disappearance.

It isn't just Ali dealing with a bad situation either, as Alex Cross is also under fire after a routine interview goes badly wrong.

If you're into mysteries like the ones in the CHERUB series, you'll enjoy this one. James has written two books about Ali Cross, and this one is the first.

Overall, this is an exciting, and sometimes thought-provoking, mystery story from a master author that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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