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Action Dude

Book 1

Action Dude

Andy Riley


Review published

June 16, 2022

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He's all action all the time, meet Action Dude!

Action Dude (his real name, definitely not Charlie) lives an action-packed life! He's a master at fighting on moving trains, walking away from exploding buildings...and lives with his mother because he's nine. So when the robots at the new Prehistoric Land theme park suddenly go haywire, Action Dude must answer the call to save the day!

Just like his name suggests, there's heaps of explosive action sequences that you'll enjoy reading about, including a fight with a robotic sabre-toothed tiger!

There's also plenty of humour in Action Dude's adventures, such as when his mother sends him on a "dangerous" mission to get some milk and bread from the corner shop.

Andy Riley has also filled this story with lots of cool pictures too, and even features a bonus section where you can learn how to draw Action Dude yourself!

If you're a fan of Dav Pilkey's Dog Man comics, you'll enjoy this story, the first in a brand-new series from this author.

Overall, this is a mile-a-miniute comic adventure with a self-proclaimed action hero at its heart, and perfect if you fancy yourself as an action dude too.

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